Marine Environmental Services

Nautical Consulting International delivers a full spectrum of marine environmental services. We assist private sector clients in conducting marine operations and in meeting regulations pertaining to ocean and coastal development.

We assist governments in the development of regulatory requirements and procedures. Professional services span oil and gas, marine mining, marine transportation and coastal zone management sectors.

Environmental program coordination

  • Emergency and oil spill response / contingency plans;
  • Environmental protection planning for drilling permit applications;
  • Emergency response and oil spill operations;
  • Day-to-day environmental operations;
  • Environmental monitoring instrumentation;
  • Drilling and mining operation waste management;
  • Physical environmental services;
  • Environmental compliance as required by regulatory agencies.

Emergency response, health & safety

  • Oil pollution emergency response software;
  • Customised emergency response, health & safety, and oil spill contingency plans;
  • Models for real-time oil spill trajectory and search and rescue prediction.

Environmental assessment

  • Integration of AIS (Automatic Identification System) real-time and historical vessel data in environmental assessments
  • Oceanographic, meteorological, fisheries, and biological data assembly;
  • Numerical models to predict conditions in the physical environment;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to catalogue physical, biological, and sociological data.

Regulatory compliance

  • Total regulatory compliance for oil and gas exploratory drilling and production;
  • Drilling programs and development scenarios compliant with local environmental legislation;
  • Development of government guidelines and environmental policy;
  • Environmental assessment hearings.