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Topic, Method, References & Handouts – *written in 3 part table in original draft

Course Introduction Introductions exercise, present course outline & align with needs of group

SAR System Concept PowerPoint presentation National Self-Assessment on SAR 3 Volumes of IAMSAR

Components of a SAR

System PowerPoint presentation RCC Basic Capabilities handout

SAR Coordination –

General Powerpoint Presentation Video SAREX 2006 – Ship to Shore Video (21 min)

SAR Resources

* sources of SRUs

* selection of SRUs Powerpoint Presentation Group Discussion CCG resource photos/fact sheets

SAR Auxiliary PowerPoint presentation CCGA Crew Manual,

Distress Alerting & SAR

Communications PowerPoint presentation

AMVER Video USCG Survivors Video (4th story)

GMDSS PowerPoint Presentation Handout (Wikipedia)

COSPAS-SARSAT Video COSPAS-SARSAT: Lifeline to Survival

SAR Mission

Communications PowerPoint presentation

Understanding &

Managing Risk to SAR

Teams Discussion, video USCG Dangerous Rescues (1st story)

Legal Issues Discussion

Topic Method References & Handouts

SAR Operation Stages PowerPoint presentation

Awareness & Initial

Action Powerpoint presentation

Emergency Phases Emergency Phase/Initial Actions Exercise Case Study Malu Sara Accident Investigation Report

Search Objects PowerPoint presentation

Coastal Search


Plotting Overview Demonstration Plotting Exercise

Determining Datum PowerPoint presentation

Vector Addition Vector addition exercises: – Total Water Current – Total Drift IAMSAR Vol III: * Wind Driven Current table (N-1) * Leeway table (N-3)

Search Area

Determination PowerPoint presentation Trackline Search Exercise Exercise Instructions

Determining an Attainable

Search Plan PowerPoint presentation Calculation of Coverage Factor & POD Exercise IAMSAR Vol III: * Sweep Width Table (N-6) * POD Table (N-16) Exercise instructions

Search Techniques & Operations PowerPoint presentation

Drift Compensation PowerPoint presentation Jack Frost Article Drift Compensation diagrams

Rescue Planning &

Operations PowerPoint presentation

Towing Operations Discussion USCG Port Angeles – towing footage CCGA Manual – Ch 8

Mission Conclusion PowerPoint presentation

Documentation PowerPoint presentation Incident Processing form (C-3) Various checklists Ref.: IAMSAR Annexes

Review of Week Discussion

Final Scenario Practical Exercise Final Scenario Inputs

Course Evaluation Evaluation form

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