Port Management

What Nautical Consulting International can do for your port.

  1. VTS  Coastal and River– planning,  installation, training (IALA standard)
  2. IALA certified Marine Risk Assessment (IWRAP and PAWSA, SIRA)
  3. VTS, needs assessment, planning, installation, training.
  4. Ship greenhouse gas emission calculations.
  5. Harbor Operations Manuals  port and anchorage
  6. Internationally recognized marine aids to navigation experts..
  7. Aids to navigation needs assessment, planning, equipment, installation and training
  8. Marine safety – policy, regulations, staff and inspector training
  9. Channel design – for major shipping and river (Canadian Coast Guard model)
  10. Hazardous materials – standards and training
  11. Certified Translation French/English,
  12. Maritime Expert witness – accident analysis, court testimony

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