This course presents the most critical aspects of an aid to navigation program, that being the operations occurring on a buoy tender. Subjects covered represent the types of equipment and accessories used including all the myriad of buoy tender equipment The safe use of equipment is highly emphasized. Also included are the details of working with ships and boats in aids to navigation handling. This course is highly recommended for all those who may be working in operation aspects of aids to navigation, in river, coastal, and ocean operations.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2: Aids to Navigation Rigging Practices and Safety

CHAPTER 3: Aids to Navigation Tools

CHAPTER 4: Boom/Cranes/Winches and Operator

CHAPTER 5: Ship handling and Boat handling

CHAPTER 6: Ice Operations

CHAPTER 7: Cargo handling and Stability

CHAPTER 8: Buoy Handling

CHAPTER 9: Aids to Navigation work, Inland Waterways

CHAPTER 10: Aids to Navigation, construction Tenders

CHAPTER 11: Aids to Navigation Work Ashore in Coastal Waters

CHAPTER 12: Aids to Navigation Teams

CHAPTER 13: Lighthouse Restoration


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