This seminar delivered to small groups will prepare attendees to conduct formal aids to navigation channel and coastal design. The seminar reviews design factors such as, Pilotage waters, Day and/or Night navigation, All user categories and capabilities, Safety from Hazards, Design Visibility, Minimal Dead Reckoning. Density and type of traffic.

The seminar also will enable attendees to determine the requirements for aids to navigation for purposes such as to assist or mark landfalls or pilot boarding stations, mark channels or tracks, mark hazards, either natural or man-made, identify positions or courses, indicate preferred routes, separate traffic, indicate traffic reporting areas, indicate special area such as anchorage or quarantine.

Attendees are able to work through examples to determine the best mix of aids to navigation for a geographic area. Practical examples of user consultation are also included as part of the seminar. All necessary documentation is provided.

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